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Non-wired Bra & Non-padded Bra

Non-Wired Bra

non wired bra don’t have wire insertions inside the cups. These can be regular or padded bras. You can’t find underwires in regular bras and sports bras. Comfort is the main criteria for non-wired bras. These are soft on the skin. Although it doesn’t contour the breasts it gives very good support and shape. It doesn’t transform your shape in a dramatic manner. But non wired bras are gentle on your skin and enhances the natural shape of the breasts.

Non-padded Bra

As the name suggests, these are basically bras with no pads attached. They are designed to provide support for your breasts. If you simply want a bra to provide support and comfort to your breasts, you can opt for non-padded bras.