Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Lotion 250 ml

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Fragrance body lotion


Victoria’s Secret Lotion body lotion has a perfect moisturizing formula made from natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E to help nourish the skin softer, smoother every day. . The product is also supplemented with the sexy fragrance of Victoria’s Secret, which is able to store the fragrance on the skin for 12 hours even when the body sweat a lot.

The product has a super soft milk texture, easily penetrates quickly into the skin without causing the feeling of greasy, sticky or clogged pores. Products tested to be safe for skin, including sensitive skin.

Silky, fragrant softness.

Fragrance type: Fruity Floral

Notes: Grapefruit, Black Currant, Lily of the Valley.


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